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TOWER UNITE 🟡 Starfield Underwater Kitchen 🟡 🌊 🐟

Explore the depths of an alien oceanic landscape like never before. Prepare gourmet meals with ingredients from a variety of marine lifeforms, from exotic alien creatures to delicious underwater plants and fungi. 

TOWER UNITE 🟡 Starfield Underwater Kitchen 🟡 🌊 🐟

I am excited to have the opportunity to participate in Tower Unite Share Your Condo Kitchen Design, a contest that not only promotes creativity and experimentation in kitchen design but also rewards the winner with incredible prizes.

I hope to use this occasion to showcase not only my design skills but also my love for cooking and culinary creativity. With a diverse kitchen to work with, I aim to create a kitchen worthy of celebration and appreciation.

May the best kitchen win!

Experiment with unique cooking techniques to create dishes that are out of this world. Enjoy the challenge of preparing amazing meals in challenging underwater conditions. Experience the Starfield Underwater Kitchen, where anything is possible!

Enjoy the challenge and excitement of underwater cooking in new environments. Taste the delicious and fresh ingredients native to the deep ocean and let your culinary creativity run wild. Whether you want to create a fine culinary experience or just want to satisfy your hunger in a strange and alien place, the Underwater Kitchen is your destination.

A challenge for the brave and a feast for the curious!

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Arabella Eloise Sveinsdóttir, a.k.a. Arabella Elric from Reykjavík is a visual artist, actress, writer, model, content creator, voice actress, and vlogger of Íslendingar-Mongolian heritage and Filipino nationality. She is an active volunteer for different organizations and humanitarian groups, and an advocate for mental health.

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Sunday, February 18, 2024

The Ugly Side of AI Content Creation: A Deeper Look

The Ugly Side of AI Content Creation: A Deeper Look. Content creation has been an ever-enveloping and ever-changing industry, with the rise of AI adding another dimension to the creative process. But with all the potential, we must consider the potential drawbacks and consequences of AI content creation. 

This essay will examine the ugly side of AI content creation by exploring how it can promote unethical and harmful behaviors and how we can mitigate these risks. Let's look at the problems of AI content creation and find a better approach to this new medium.

🟡 1. Spreading misinformation or hate speech.

🟡 2. Violating privacy or personal boundaries.

🟡 3. Generating fake or misleading content.

🟡 4. Causing harm or distress to others.

🟡 5. Harassing, bullying, or defaming others.

🟡 6. Creating offensive or vulgar content.

🟡 7. Creating AI imagery without permission.

In conclusion, we have explored the dark side of AI video content creation. We have examined such content's potential risks and consequences, including invasion of privacy, hate speech, misinformation, bullying, abuse, objectification, and more. 

It's essential to take a responsible and ethical approach to AI video creation and be aware of the potential risks and consequences to avoid abusing the powers of AI technology. Let's use AI responsibly and create a better and healthier world for all.

About the Author

Arabella Eloise Sveinsdóttir, a.k.a. Arabella Elric from Reykjavík is a visual artist, actress, writer, model, content creator, voice actress, and vlogger of Íslendingar-Mongolian heritage and Filipino nationality. She is an active volunteer for different organizations and humanitarian groups, and an advocate for mental health.

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Saturday, February 17, 2024

Forget Facebook and Instagram: Why Building Your Own Website Matters

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram may seem like an easy way to reach customers, but building your own website can provide many benefits and advantages for your business. 

From better data ownership to customization options, this essay will examine why building your own website can be a more powerful tool for marketing and growing your business.

Facebook and Instagram have many limitations that can prevent businesses from fully leveraging their potential. By building your own website, you can customize and control the design, branding, content, and user experience to meet your specific needs. 

Additionally, owning your own data gives you greater control over customer analytics and allows for more targeted marketing campaigns. With a website, you can build a strong presence and reputation that can draw in customers and increase visibility for your business.

Building a website also gives you better control over monetization. With social media platforms, you must rely on external advertising and sponsored content to earn revenue. 

However, you can integrate advertising options into your site and keep all profits to yourself. With your own website, you retain ownership of your content and can generate additional revenue streams such as paid memberships, subscription services, and more.

Building a website also allows you to better cater to your targeted audiences. With social media platforms, you're restricted by algorithms and content recommendations. 

However, with a website, you can customize your content and target specific audiences more effectively. You can create personalized messaging and content that resonates specifically with your target demographics. This helps to build stronger brand loyalty and increases overall customer satisfaction.

Lastly, building a website provides you with greater authority and professionalism. Your website and social media accounts can coexist and offer different functions, but having a dedicated website reflects a deeper level of commitment. It demonstrates your expertise and knowledge and positions your business as a trusted source.

About the Author

Arabella Eloise Sveinsdóttir, a.k.a. Arabella Elric from Reykjavík is a visual artist, actress, writer, model, content creator, voice actress, and vlogger of Íslendingar-Mongolian heritage and Filipino nationality. She is an active volunteer for different organizations and humanitarian groups, and an advocate for mental health.

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OpenAI Sora: The End of the Film Industry? How AI Is Revolutionizing Cinema

The impact of AI and automation on the cinema industry is still being explored and debated. Some have argued that AI and automation can bring huge cost savings to the industry, while others have warned of the potential loss of jobs. These technologies will likely continue to be used in film production as a way to increase efficiency and save time. However, the full effects of AI and automation on cinema jobs and the industry as a whole remain to be seen. 

Now, here comes OpenAI Sora...

Reactions of film students to OpenAI Sora have been mixed. Some are excited about the potential for creativity and efficiency that AI tools can bring to film production, while others are wary of the possible negative effects on jobs and opportunities for creatives in the industry. Feelings of film students toward OpenAI Sora will likely shift as the technology evolves and its impacts become clearer.

You can check out the resource here:

As a film student and artist myself, terrifying weighs more than being excited about it. I've seen how the AI industry ate up the digital artist's job a few years ago. There is a huge decline in commission loss. It is no surprise the next target will be videographers and people who work in the cinema to be exact. YouTube will soon be filled with a minimum upload of 100 videos per day per person using all the AI they can. 

I still appreciate and believe in raw acting by humans. Brainstorming, scriptwriting, and creativity are what make our passion alive. But with this AI can summon an unlimited amount of videos per minute? Hell, all of us have been reflecting on the room the moment this news is released.

The film industry has been shaken by the emergence of powerful artificial intelligence tools such as OpenAI Sora. These AI systems have the potential to completely revolutionize the way movies are made, with some claiming that they can do everything from screenwriting to directing to editing. But is this vision becoming reality? And does it spell the end of the film industry as we know it? 

Eventually, people who are working on films will try to adapt to it. There will be new jobs handling this type of video and AI content. People need to live and to do that, you need to be more advanced than AI and use it wisely. 

About the Author

Arabella Eloise Sveinsdóttir, a.k.a. Arabella Elric from Reykjavík is a visual artist, actress, writer, model, content creator, voice actress, and vlogger of Íslendingar-Mongolian heritage and Filipino nationality. She is an active volunteer for different organizations and humanitarian groups, and an advocate for mental health.

🩰 Visual & Performing Artist 🟡
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Friday, February 16, 2024

Men’s Obsession with Degrading Women and High-Value Men

Men’s Obsession with Degrading Women and High-Value Men

Men's obsession with degrading women is nothing but the projection of their insecurities and lack of self-esteem. Men often feel the need to put women down because they deem them to be superior and intimidating. This is an article I want every little girl, especially teenage girls to read. I wish I had known these life lessons when I was a kid, but we all learn from experience. It is not about women hating men but about women valuing themselves as humans.

So right off the bat, I’ll tell you...

Ugly, broke, and insecure men usually portray these characteristics. Here is a sample of an ugly man who wanna be with a generic beautiful woman. A woman can be clearly out of their league but they still got the guts to talk shit about a girl if they refuse to be with them just because men's ego is so big that they think women should always be under them. Let's not forget that these ugly boys will also cheat on you even though you are a goddess. Why? Because they wanna prove that even though they are ugly and broke they can still get other girls. So why give those ugly and broke guys a chance, right?

🟡 Things and quotes that men and pick-me girls say and do to devalue women: 

“Oh, she is pretty? She must be a slut or stupid.”

“She is good at gaming? There must be something that she lacks in-game. Maybe she is a fake gamer or she is just high-level because of blah, blah, blah.”

“She is an honor student? Oh, that’s what girls do, they are just a teacher’s pet. She is not that smart!”

“She is beautiful? But can you see she uses makeup? I am all natural unlike other girls like her who use makeup!”

And the list goes on, guilty of the quotes mentioned above? Maybe you are not even aware you are becoming a pick-me girl yourself like these low-value men surrounding you.

In my 19 years of existence (as of 2024), I've never met high-value, mentally stable, and financially stable men who try to devalue women like ugly, broke, and insecure men do. I know you can name famous people and rich men who devalue women but let me just tell you my own experience. Usually, these broke guys are the ones who spread rumors and gossip that a woman is a gold digger and a slut even though they are not even wealthy, to begin with. So babes, only talk to high-value men who have their own hobbies and strong beliefs. In short, a man who got his shit together. Those are the kind of men you wanna interact and grow with. 

Connecting to low-value men will only affect your mental health and you will never be treated any better. My guy acquaintances now are people who do not waste their time and have things and errands going on with them. I know you may think that kind, wealthy, and gentlemen are probably scarce nowadays. Wrong. No girlies, this kind of man is not scarce, but you are probably looking in the wrong place.

Do not go to dating apps, bars, clubs, or online games to find a man of value. (This may probably not age well if the only thing we can do to connect is through apps in the future, but some general ideas in this article are applicable.) There is a probability that you can find high-value men there, but it is very rare to find one.

So, where do you find high-value men? These men are usually in the fields of finance, technology and sciences, business, and other fields (again, this does not mean it is still the main field to which they belong in the future, as we all know jobs are changing nowadays because of technology). Attend meaningful events that upscale your strengths and network at the event itself. Engage, and try to be authentic. Being authentic and passionate about your hobbies and plans for the future will lead you to the right connections and high-value men. I learned a lot during my pre-teen and teenage years that it is a mistake to engage with men who do nothing but sit in front of their PCs unless it is their business, freelance work, or if they make a hobby that can benefit them from it. Men should know how to schedule things and not waste all day on useless and trivial things. There is a time for everything.

Avoid guys who ask for sensitive materials upfront. Ugly and manipulative guys only want your body and content to get an edge over you. You are always a pawn and the source of their ego. These guys have no respect for women and don’t know how to communicate well. Avoid nonchalant men too. They will agree to anything and cannot defend you when you are in trouble. Have you heard this line, "Yeah, you are pretty, but send me a selfie without makeup?” It is okay to be confident without all the fashion and makeup we girls do, but asking that is their way to belittle you. Mostly, those kinds of guys are really ugly, and they ask really pretty girls to do that because they want to prove you are on their level or lower level than them. Remember that low-value men are always into looks, they do not even go on well-off and respectable girls.

As for me, it is not a good sign if a guy asks that upfront. I never met a high-value man who talked that way to a woman. I suggest getting to know the guy and at least being friends with that person first and doing activities together in real life. It will strengthen your friendship, and they can see you all as natural without sounding like a jerk. Oh, and may I add, do not enter LDR or long-distance relationships. That is not even a real relationship, to begin with. You are just wasting your potential on authentic people around you who are willing to get to know you. If you really like a man but he lives far away, there should be a time when you guys should both meet in real life (do not let it slide for a year!) or else you are just wasting your time. And let’s be honest now, high-value men will literally fly to you if they want things to work.

If you are looking for high-value men, make sure you are high-value yourself too, babes. Do not look for men just to retire or you just want to be in a relationship. I suggest reading at least two books a year minimum and writing a reflection and summary of what you learned about it. Do you like to be challenged more? Read articles and content posted on social sites and try to decipher if it is legit news or not. Fake news is everywhere, and it is an interesting habit to research and double-check things online. Upscale, take care of yourself, and be the best version of yourself through workshops, self-study, and networking with like-minded individuals. Eat healthy and be hygienic!

High-value men will treat you well and spoil you without even asking! They will not even pressure you to be in anything. As for myself, I do not like men to pay for everything but once I meet this kind of guy who insists on taking care of everything even though we are just acquaintances and business partners, it will change the way you see men. And, usually, their wives and girlfriends don't post publicly a lot of the things that these guys spoil them. I am a friend of a few trusted women with high-value men in their lives. These girls are very private like me. I also do not recommend being so public when you find this kind of man because I believe envy from others gives off bad vibes and energy. Just look at the influencers' and celebrities' lives, they are so public that the jealousy and envy of people with whatever they have is passed onto them. Energy transfer is real. I had a very strong faith and belief that I block bad vibes with it but I will not discuss it here.

Usually, guys who are gentlemen and spoil women have many other guys jealous of them. It is because of this equation, that I created and believe to be true based on a handful of books I had read.

🟡 Psychology of men and women equation:

Men = Wants validation from other men

Women = Wants validation from men

You see, men will do everything to be validated by other men. They wanna be appreciated by other men. They usually woo a woman they can show off to other men. So other men will compliment them on how manly and lucky they are. 

Do you see that equation? So stop hating on decent high-value women babes. We usually hate what we want to become and it’s because of jealousy. Do you see how men team up and hype themselves up but we girlies need to hate each other? Why? Why do you need validation from men only? It’s time to change that mindset!

Notice how a guy acts differently around you versus how he acts in front of his peers? He doesn’t want other guys to see that he is being a good guy to you or the men around him will tell him how he is under or a simp. 

If a guy acts differently in front of you versus when he is with his peers then run girlie! High-value men don’t do that. Especially confident and well-off guys. They will not hide their affection from you because good men know their boundaries outside and will only treat you well. If a guy acts like a 12-year-old and is teased by his peers for protecting and being sweet to a girl, do not trust that guy and his group.

Confident men may still seek validation from men but not to the point that they will try to humiliate a girl just to satisfy other (men) people. Remember that.

🟡 What should the equation be?

Men= Validation from themselves

Women= Validation from themselves

You see, argument and envy are rooted in seeking validation from anyone. The key is to create and focus on a passion and be happy creating it without thinking of how many should see it or how many likes you will get. Do not make social media your source of validation. Unless your hobby and passion is acting on screen then we can’t deny you may need to be seen by several people. But be happy with the process itself, not on how people will like it. Accept only constructive criticism and block the rest.

🟡 Ask yourself these things:

Am I cosplaying to be liked by men? Am I posting thirst traps to be liked by men? Why am I wearing what I wear today? Is it to be liked by men? Try to reflect on your interests and hobbies. What if men don’t exist, will you still wear what you are wearing? Will your actions change if no man is around? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to analyze things. By doing this, you will discover your own style and passion. You have to be the first person to like what you are doing, not by anyone.

Girlies, it is okay if you want validation of your own man and if you guys are already in a relationship. But begging for attention and validation by a whole gender is really not the way to go.

Be the main character of your life! You only live once and be smart enough to maximize your time here on earth to eradicate negative types of people who don't bring anything to the table. Anyone who doesn't bring you money has no business with you. It’s not your chore to reply and waste energy on any activity that does not benefit you.

🟡 Do you need more convincing?

They resent the fact that women have power over them, and it fuels their bitterness and hatred. This obsession stems from inadequacy and fear of being overlooked or devalued. It is a destructive mindset that can be harmful to both men and women, perpetuating a cycle of distrust, resentment, and aggression. It is time to change this paradigm and embrace a healthier view of women and masculinity.

Some men are so jealous of women that they try to be a girl. Creating fake female profiles, joining women's sports, and so on. They also mimic and try to copy the personality, style, and personality of the women they are envious of.

Other guys will create a problem. Yes, a problem in which they will pretend to be the savior of the problem they carefully curated. Some would even team up with other men and women to bully you and make fun of you so they can appear as your knight and shining armor when in reality they made it all up. You see, this world is not as nice as we read in fairytales. 

Some men exhibit a strong preoccupation or fixation on belittling, demeaning, or disrespecting women. This behavior can manifest in various forms, such as objectifying women, using derogatory language, promoting stereotypes, or engaging in abusive behavior. 

🟡 So what should you do to be a better version of yourself and find like-minded women and men?

🌷 1. Stop being friends with people pleasers. These people will believe in anything and do anything just to gain the sympathy of the masses, or whatever will suit their tastes. These kinds of people are usually dishonest in their own lives.

🌷 2. Don't be a fanatic about anyone or anything. Stop subbing on OnlyFans and other subscriptions that give very little value and content. Can you really afford to subscribe? If it takes a big chunk of your income, then you cannot afford it. It is okay to admire public figures but do not let that be the main subject of your life. Being a fan only encourages you to spend money on useless things and disorganize your thoughts. It can be unhealthy. You can read articles about K-pop and anime fans who had no life and got rotten to the core because of their obsession.

🌷 3. Be private. It’s okay to share a little life update here and there, but do not overshare. If you really need to let it all out, then make an alt account to ask for advice. People can be obsessive and can doxx you. I experience it myself, and being stalked is not a pleasant thing. Your life could be in danger. 

🌷 4. In general, avoid dramatic, negative, and gossiping people. Great minds discuss ideas and plans, not the private lives of other people who have no direct impact on their lives. Those kinds of people are of low value, and you should avoid them at all costs.

🌷 5. Avoid and stop being friends with people who make bad remarks as a joke. Usually, this kind of person who always tries to bring you down by back-handed comments and mean things will reason out it is just a joke. You are in the wrong crowd if a friend does this. I haven’t met a high-value man or woman who has this habit. Most of the decent humans I know will not even try to go low doing that. If it happened once or twice then maybe you can let it pass but if that is that person's personality, girl, you know what to do. Ditch them. They only give bad vibes and energy to your life.

🌷 6. Upscale your skills. Technology is changing a bit tad fast nowadays. Attending events, workshops, and studying will get you going. Be busy nourishing your mind with ideas and plans. This kind of mindset will make you more appreciative of how things work and you will be amazed at new things you learn every day.

🌷 7. Stop being a pick-me girl/boy. I know, you want male/female validation so badly, but please, try to listen and watch high-value women/men. I recommend Elle (manifestelle) and Liz (thewizardliz). Those women had the same mindset as me. You will learn a lot of things. Stop following people on social media who are not respectable and don’t give value. Watch what you consume on apps. Try to consume media that can only add value and make your life better.

🌷 8. Schedule everything. Do you want to change your life 360 degrees? Set a schedule daily. If your hobby is creating content like mine in your free time, schedule it. My content on social media is posted daily, but it is not in real-time. Use the schedule option on social apps so you can just upload everything for the entire month, and you can just sit back and relax doing other things. I just upload it all in one day, and it will post once a day for a month.

🌷 9. Do not engage with older people and block them if they want to be in a relationship with you (if you are a minor). Please, as your big sister, listen. I’ve been there, and there are tons of men who will see you as a pawn. This is the time you need to protect your privacy and lie about details about your life. Telling other people online that you are under 18 poses a danger. Do not give personal information like your name, age, location, etc. Just tell them you are uncomfortable giving those details, and if they try to push it, then block them. Being friends or acquaintances online is okay, but being in a relationship is a no-no. Stay away from people who are 18 years old and older, please. There are even MAPS who pretend to be under 18 just to find a victim! I was quite cautious myself at that age, but I still encountered MAPS. 

🌷 10. Don't join the hook-up culture. Girl, do I really need to explain this? It is so unhygienic, and the transfer of energy is real. If you hook up with a guy who is mentally unstable, unhygienic and gets laid daily, do you really think those negative traits from all the people that person hooked up with will not pass down to you? I believe in the transfer of energy. If you exchange ties with a person in that hook-up state, you will get all the karma from all the people that person slept with. And that lifestyle is very unhealthy and disgusting. You can explore those things by yourself and by being with someone secure. Just don’t do it and research. Just because everyone is doing it doesn't mean you need to do it and it needs to be normalized. 

Lastly, this is not to generalize a religion or a nation, but if I were you, I would avoid religions and countries that make it look like women’s values depend on men. You need to do all those things and strip your identity to protect yourself and change who you are so you will be validated by men. Seriously, that is fuck up. I will not mention any religion, be smart enough in life to see things from a bird's-eye view.

This is not a hate article about men. Not all men are the same, so you need to be selective about worthy and reliable men. It goes to men too; you can use this to judge your own actions and to better yourself.

Girlies, men’s obsession with degrading women perpetuates gender inequality, reinforces harmful power dynamics, and contributes to the marginalization and mistreatment of women in society. It is a serious issue that requires awareness, education, and efforts to promote respect, equality, and dignity for all individuals.

🟡 A minimum checklist of what you want to look for in a guy (high-value) should include:

🌷 1. Respectful, open-minded, and non-judgmental

🌷 2. Kind-hearted, caring, and trustworthy

🌷 3. Intelligent, witty, and open to communication (don’t go for nonchalant guys and men who don’t know how to communicate!)

🌷 4. Good sense of humor, willing to try new things (this doesn’t mean he is a clown or a noisy person, it is very different! Guys who know humor are actually very smart!)

🌷 5. Driven, ambitious, and financially stable (let go of lazy people in general)

🌷 6. Physically attractive, in shape, and with good hygiene (do you really want to spend most of your money on hospital bills? No, right?)

🌷 7. A person who complements you, not someone who's exactly like you (you do not need to have the same hobbies but you should support each other!)

🌷 8. Someone you can trust and rely on. (definitely not a snitch!)

🌷 9. Decisive with strong beliefs.

Note: A nonchalant guy is someone who appears relaxed and unconcerned, displaying a laid-back attitude. This guy may come across as someone who is not bothered and who lacks ambition, apathy, and indifference. Do you really like this kind of guy? Who will just say "whatever" and "I don't know" when you are in trouble or need a serious decision to be made? Girl, we do not need those kinds of guys.

That is just the bare minimum any decent human being should possess if they want to populate this planet. And, to be honest, stop relying on astrology. Do not rely on astrology to determine whether he will be suitable for you. Whenever I see those astrology girls and boys shuffle cards and tell you what you need to do in life, I scroll past them. It is a bad jinx, and whatever comes out of their mouth will affect you. It’s okay to watch them for fun, but please, do not let it control your life.

Oh, and for goodness sake, avoid men who use shortcuts in every chat they send to you. If he cannot even spell words correctly like, “I love you.” in which some men just use “i luv u” and some nasty shortcut characters to express their feelings, then what kind of man is that? That is basic communication, and please, date literate humans. It is okay to use shortcuts, but would you really consider those shortcuts seriously if they are professing their love to you? 

🟡 Why do low-value men hate high-value men?

Jealousy and bitterness can be common reasons why some men hate high-value men. If they see someone who is successful and well-off, it can trigger the feeling of being inferior or inadequate. Remember the equation earlier? Men = Wants validation from other men. Which again, should be changed.

This can lead to a sense of resentment and the desire to bring the other person down. It can also stem from insecurity and the belief in a zero-sum game mentality where one person's success means another's failure. In general, it is more beneficial for a man to focus on himself and improve his own condition rather than worrying about what others are doing or being envious.

While jealousy and bitterness may be the most common reasons why some men hate high-value men, there are many other potential explanations. Some men may feel threatened by the competence and success of high-value men, which can cause them to feel insecure and resentful. Other men may see the high-value male as a target of competition, rather than a partner in success. In some cases, high-value men may simply be misunderstood or mislabeled, causing others to underestimate or mischaracterize their character and contributions.

🟡 My conclusion and gentle advice…

Discover yourself and appreciate yourself first. You do not need a man to be complete. I also do not believe in things like, “Well, it is men’s nature or it is women’s nature.” Bullshit. If you have the will, there is always a way. I’m not fond of reasoning actions on excuses like that. Pretty much because I am a doer and an active person who makes things happen. If being on the autism spectrum and battling mental woes didn’t stop me from achieving my goals in life, then what is stopping you? Do not let your own battle be an excuse to ruin your life and excuse your actions. You are far better than that and this is not some toxic positivity. The point here is there will be challenges in life and you just need to do your best to face them. Not all battles are meant to be won but you can always try and that’s what makes you stronger and adds to your list of what not to do next time.

A man and a woman should be complementary only in a person's life, not a piece to fill oneself. I believe you should still have your own unique identity and set of skills and hobbies even after you enter a relationship. 

To be a high-value woman, you should focus on developing your own set of qualities and values that make you unique and special. Develop your intelligence and emotional intelligence, establish good habits, be ambitious and strive for growth, take care of yourself physically, prioritize your mental health, be confident in yourself, understand your own worth, and treat others with respect. Lastly, being a high-value woman means being a person of integrity and authenticity, one who knows themselves well and is not afraid to be bold and vocal about their opinions and beliefs.

As cliche as it sounds, “Love yourself!”.

About the Author

Arabella Eloise Sveinsdóttir, a.k.a. Arabella Elric from Reykjavík is a visual artist, actress, writer, model, content creator, voice actress, and vlogger of Íslendingar-Mongolian heritage and Filipino nationality. She is an active volunteer for different organizations and humanitarian groups, and an advocate for mental health.

🩰 Visual & Performing Artist 🟡
Email: arabellaelricart@gmail.com | https://linktr.ee/arabellaelric



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