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Revelation Infinite Journey Swordmage Guide


A. Class Basic  

The Swordmage is primarily known for their long-range DPS capabilities. With a playstyle reminiscent of the traditional Caster/Mage archetype, Swordmages excel in unleashing devastating AOE spells from afar. Though they can deal out massive amounts of damage in short bursts, their lengthy cooldown periods require players to carefully manage their position and MP to avoid being overrun by enemies. 

  • Strengths: Massive burst damage, crowd control, deal all types of elemental damage making them hard to be countered. 
  • Weaknesses: Consumes a lot of mana, complex skill rotation, long ultimate cooldown, low health, vulnerable to attacks while casting many of their skills 




Passive Increase Elemental Damage (Lighting, Fire, Cold,) by 100, and 3% Physical & Elemental Damage for nearby allies. 

MP: 1 

CD: 0s 

Ult meter: +3.6 

Cloud Puncher – Single Target 

Deal damage and lower the target’s elemental resistance. 

MP: 9 


Ult meter: +3.2 

Rapid Thunder – AOE 

Summon lighting to strike at the target area. 

MP: 13 


Ult meter: +8 

Star Sword – AOE 

Summon a celestial sword falling down, dealing AOE damage around the sword. Nearby enemies take an extra 10% incoming damage. 

MP: 10 


Ult meter: +3.9 

Frozen  Crowd Control 

Deal damage and freeze the enemy. 

MP: 18 


Ult meter: +22.8 

Lightning Pulse – AOE 

Deal damage in a line for 3s. 

MP: 12 


Ult meter: +5.6 

Starfall – Buff 

Leap backwards and gain crowd control immunity for a brief period, deal damage and slow enemies. 

MP: 33 


Ult meter: +30 

Celestial Shield – Invulnerability 

Self-frozengain Invulnerability and regeneration. Cannot move or use any skills 

MP: 14 


Ult meter: +3.2 

Ignis – Debuff 

Reduce enemies' Physical & Elemental Resistance, and deal massive damage at the end of the skill duration. 

MP: 10 


Ult meter: +3.9 

Sword Trial – AOE 

Throw a sword at the target area, and detonate the sword causing Fire damage. 

MP: 15 


Ult meter: +3.7 

Spirit Strike – Crowd Control 

AOE Freeze enemies caught in the area for 3s 

MP: 17 


Ult meter: +1.5 

Glimpse – Buff 

Dash forward, gain crowd control immunity, and greatly increase damage for the next 3 skills. 

Kỹ Năng Vô Song





CD: 15s 

Ult meter: -50 

Ignis Blade – Burst 

Summon a Fire sword, causing damage and knocking down enemies. 


CD: 15s 

Ult meter: -50 

Void Trap– AOE 

Create a black hole that sucks everything into its centre. 


CD: 30s 

Ult meter: -100 

Thunder Tornado – AOE 

Create a ball of lightning that strikes continuously for 10s 



Ult meter-100 

Skyfire Crush – Burst 

Summon a pillar of fire that causes massive Fire damage. 

Additionally, Swordmages have 2 specializations, including 

  • CryoFocus on crowd control and survivability
  • Increase 300 Elemental resistance 
  • Frozen & Spirit Strike cooldown reduced by 30% 
  • Increase 5% incoming damage reduction 

  • PyroFocus on DPS
  • Increase 5% Elemental Damage 
  • Increase 20% Elemental Hit Damage 
  • Decrease 10% Max HP 

🟡2. BUILDS 🟡

When building a character in Revelation: Infinite Journey, there is no right or wrong way. Players are highly encouraged to experiment and create a play style that fits them the best – But for those who are more into the hardcore side of things, we recommend focusing on your chosen Class’s core attributes as the fastest way to rise to the top. To help you get started, we've compiled a list of our top build suggestions below.


The Swordmage specializes in burst damage, relying on careful cooldown management and timing to quickly take down their enemies. By strategically choosing their gems, Swordmages can increase their damage.

Legendary Engraving 

Lazurite Stone 

(Elemental Damage) 

Mist Stone/ Blood Stone 

(Physical Defence)/ (Elemental Resistance) 

Heart Stone 


Spinel Stone 


Exotic Engraving 

Falling Star Stone 

(Elemental Damage) 

Titan Stone/ Sun Gazer Stone 

(Physical Defence)/ (Elemental Resistance) 

Sprint Stone 


Taintless Stone 



Selecting the right Divinity is a crucial decision for your build in Revelation: Infinite Journey. Since the passive skills of the Divine Aspect are only active for the first two equipped slots, choosing wisely can make all the difference in your character build success. Experiment with a variety of Divine Aspects to get a feel for different play styles. Once you find the divinity that suits your play style, go ahead and invest more heavily in that particular Divinity. Below are some of our suggestions to get you started:       

Epic Divine Aspects

Valor Crystal 


Heart Crystal 


Wisdom Crystal 


Spirit Crystal 


Legendary Divine Aspects 

King's Landing 



(Cooldown Reduction) 



Plum Heart 




Swordmages excel as boss-killers in raids or dungeons, but only if players can master their rotation. Additionally, Swordmages can aid their teammates by using Ignis Shadow Blade and Void Trap to clear mobs quickly and efficiently. 

Skill [Ignis + Cloud Puncher], Star SwordLightning PulseStarfallSword TrialMeteor
Ultimate Lgnis Shadow Blade/Void TrapSkyfire Crush


Blazing FlameStar ProtectionScorching PowerFlame Impact 



In group PvP, Swordmages must balance their role as DPS with crowd control and survival. By investing in these areas, Swordmages can stay alive longer and deal more sustained damage, ultimately contributing to their team's success

Skill [Ignis + Cloud Puncher], Rapid ThunderStar SwordLightning PulseCelestial Shield/StarfallSpirit Strike
Ultimate Void TrapThunder Tornado 


Rumbling ThunderStar ProtectionScorching PowerEternal Flame 
Specialization for PvP Star Focus/Unlimited MP 
🟡1 vs 1🟡

When engaging in 1v1 battles, Swordmages should adopt a patient and tactical approach. Rather than rushing in with all their skills, they should focus on stalling their opponent while waiting for their ultimate ability to become available. This allows Swordmages to unleash a devastating burst of damage that can quickly turn the tide of the battle. 

Skill [Ignis + Cloud Puncher], FrozenStar SwordLightning PulseSword TrialMeteor
Ultimate Ignis Shadow BladeSkyfire Crush


Blazing FlameStar ProtectionScorching PowerFlame Impact 
Specialization for PvP Starstream Sky 

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