Monday, February 28, 2022

Ambassador Program - 1st Anniversary

Greetings, Adventurers!

Today marks one year since we launched the Black Desert Ambassador Program! We’d like to take this opportunity to showcase some of the best moments, achievements and creations by our amazing Black Desert Ambassadors!

We’d like to take this moment to say, thank you to our Ambassadors. For helping to grow our community, and for promoting a positive environment where everyone can feel welcome! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

What is a Black Desert Ambassador?
An Adventurer who shares their Black Desert knowledge with in-game chat groups, Discord, and creates guides for other Adventurers (example: guides for new players, leveling tips for each class, life skills basics, etc.).
Who are the current Black Desert Ambassadors?
If you’re wondering who our current Ambassadors are, you can check the current official list [Here]. The list is updated monthly with Family Names of current Ambassadors. Along with a list of Top Ambassadors, who showcased exceptional efforts to better the Black Desert Community during the activity period. 
Do you want to become a Black Desert Ambassador?
Every month, we select a few players to join our Ambassador Program. If you are an experienced player who enjoys helping others, feel free to read the details of the program and apply to become an Ambassador [Here]. We would love to hear what you have to offer to the Black Desert community!

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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Online Grooming on Games #CheckBeforeYouChat

VRChat and other online games such as Roblox, Minecraft and other MMO's investigation uncovered widespread child grooming and other safety concerns. 

The game's developer of VRChat stated, "Predatory and poisonous behavior has no place on the platform." Let us focus on the two games with research and direct experience from Jess Sherwood and Black Desert coming from me and my acquaintances whom we will not disclose. 

Before you proceed reading this article there are important terms you may want to check out and do some research:

1. Online Grooming #CheckBeforeYouChat
2. Consent 
3. Age of Consent on different countries

Right off the bat, those who continue to defend these groomers and harassers, even if the minor consented to say yes, you are still an offender! It is illegal to engage in any form of sexual activity with a juvenile with the objective of forming a connection with them. Please keep that in mind since I will not accept any excuses and justifications. You can complain and vent all you want, but let's see if you can break the law and still keep it up if you end up in jail.

Is 17 years old a minor in Philippines?
As defined in R.A. No. 9344, “Child” is a person under the age of eighteen (18) years.


One of the most popular virtual reality programs available on Steam and Meta's Oculus Quest Store has a child safety issue. If you're not familiar with VRChat, it's a social virtual reality app that bills itself as "the future." On the game's Steam page, the developer claims, "Our vision for VRChat is to enable anyone to create and share their own social virtual worlds." Players that have a basic understanding of Unity can construct their own social areas and avatars. That means VRChat has a lot of inventiveness on display, but it also has a bad side, as the BBC discovered.

BBC researcher Jess Sherwood, who pretended to be a 13-year-old girl, claimed to have visited a virtual strip club where she witnessed adult men chasing a child while ordering them to remove their clothes. Condoms and sex toys were routinely on display in many of the rooms Sherwood visited, and she even witnessed a group of adult males and adolescents performing group sex on one occasion. She saw grooming as well.

"It's quite unpleasant, and your alternatives are to stay and watch, walk on to another room where you might see something similar, or participate in — which I was told to do on several occasions," she explained.

VRChat told the BBC that "predatory and toxic behavior has no place on the platform," and that it was "working hard to make itself a safe and welcoming place for everyone." Part of the problem stems from the fact that nearly anyone can download and play VRChat. For example, all you need is a Facebook account to download the app from the Oculus Quest Store. Sherwood set up a fake profile to set up her account and access VRChat, and users of all ages can mingle

When we contacted VRChat, a spokesman assured Engadget that user safety was the company's main priority. "It's probable that much of the information you described would be removed immediately if it were reported," they added. "Similarly, the users you mentioned were behaving in a way that, if reported to our Trust and Safety team, would almost probably result in their accounts being terminated."

VRChat, according to the spokesman, has a number of mechanisms for reporting harassment. The company's Trust and Safety team has the ability to trace out troublesome users using metadata. The team can issue suspensions or permanent bans depending on the gravity of someone's acts.

Sherwood isn't the first person to observe that VRChat has a problem with child safety. Despite the game's "Very Favorable" Steam rating, the presence of predatory adults is mentioned frequently in both positive and negative reviews. "Enjoyable social VR is slowly being wrecked by horny degenerates and ddosers," one player who has played the game for over 2,300 hours stated.

"The number of 'people' under the age of 30 attempting to do things like flirting all the way up to trying to have e-sex with blatantly young users is disturbing," another gamer remarked.

Let us now turn our attention to Black Desert, which, as an MMO where a large number of people can randomly speak with you and follow you around, is no different from VRChat, Roblox, or any other game where you meet people online, according to multiple accounts.

Harassment is widespread, and my personal experience has been traumatic. Fellow gamers have reported that the same guy is harassing them and bombarding them in chat and on their personal social media profiles. Even though some of the gamers and groomers are aware that they are conversing with a kid, they continue to engage in sexual harassment.

It's difficult to give one's age over the internet. You never know when a predator would target you because they know your age.

I've received stories and screenshots of a Discord group with private channels where these people will share pictures and private discussions with youngsters online, and the thread is dehumanizing. Take notice that all of the content there was posted without permission, and the men involved are well aware that they are dealing with minors.

I asked around, and most of the guys said they have no idea what the legal age is in their own country [I won't say which country these people are from to avoid racist comments, etc.] and that there is no age limit on whether or not they can be in a relationship with someone who is considered a minor globally, which is shocking given that these guys are already working with degrees.

I filed a ticket with the names of those who were involved in the group, but we received a vague and generic response claiming that the accident or harassment occurred outside of the game's premises and so on. It's disappointing, but it's the best you can do in this situation.

Please be extremely cautious if you are a girl and a minor. Here are the Groomers and Casual Harassers family names that have been reported by other female gamers.

The best you can do is take screenshots of the harassers' communications and report them to the website. Please go to the authorities and report it as sexual harassment if you know the true name of these internet groomers and where they live, especially if you live in the same country.

It is more vital than ever in this day and age to ensure that children remain secure while using the Internet. The internet is a fantastic tool for gathering information, but it's critical to be aware of the risks. Make sure your parents know what you're looking for when you're on the Internet.

This is intended for both boys and girls. Anyone can be groomed and tormented, and the other way around.

 🎯Here are some safety tips to remember when you are using the internet:

1. Don’t give anyone your password, name, address, the name of your school or any information about your family

2. Don’t agree to meet anyone in person that you’ve met online

3. Don’t fill in a profile that asks for your name and address

4. If you are talking to someone online and they make you uncomfortable, remember you don’t have to talk back to them

 🎯Note: There will be a slew of people who will inquire about your personal life; remember, it is NOT YOUR OBLIGATION and it is your right to privacy! It is not rude to refuse to disclose personal information girls; I learned this the hard way, so please be cautious. Don't say YES if you don't want to be coerced into handing out personal information or adding people to your private social media sites. They must get permission!

I might do a podcast and Q&A regarding this as I do not want other girls or boys to suffer the same fate along with other victims. 

Because some of these groomers are not based in my country, obtaining a warrant and connecting with the appropriate authorities would take time.

VRChat and other online games aren't the only metaverse app that has to deal with what amounts to harassment. Meta launched a Personal Boundary feature to Horizon Worlds at the beginning of February, allowing users to restrict others from entering their personal territory. Microsoft recently took the bold step of removing Altspace VR's social hubs.


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BLACK DESERT ONLINE Navillera Witch Costume

BLACK DESERT ONLINE Navillera Witch Costume

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