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Commissioned Work: When Credit Becomes Complicated

🟡**Navigating Expectations in Collaborations:**🟡

Engaging in commissioned work is a journey filled with anticipation and hope for a product that truly reflects our shared vision. However, there are instances where the reality may diverge from our expectations. This could stem from various factors, such as differing interpretations of the project brief, contrasting creative directions, or the final output not reaching the anticipated level of quality. In short, your service or product performed poorly. These moments present challenges for all parties involved and require delicate handling.

Why am I not posting your product?
Why did I post your service or product but not credit you?

🟡**Addressing Unmet Expectations:**🟡

In situations where there are delays, or the quality and execution of the final product do not align with our agreed standards, it becomes difficult to publicly endorse the work. My commitment to my audience and peers is to recommend only those products and services that I can stand behind with confidence. Therefore, if I find that the work does not meet these criteria, I may choose not to feature it prominently or associate it with your name or brand. I believe in the potential for growth and improvement in every business, and I will share my constructive feedback privately, hoping it will be valuable for your development.

🟡**Crediting Amidst Discrepancies:**🟡

When faced with the decision of whether to credit work that falls short of my standards or could potentially affect my reputation adversely, I lean towards discretion. Public acknowledgment in such cases is carefully considered, balancing the need for transparency with the potential implications it may have.

🟡**Moving Forward Together:**🟡

I hope this perspective aids in fostering a better understanding for future collaborations. Purchasing or commissioning a product does not automatically entail a public endorsement or shoutout. My endorsements are not influenced by compensation but are based on genuine belief in the value and quality of the product for my audience.

If your service or product is not posted it means I will reach out to you privately and suggest things you can improve on. Thank you for your understanding and for joining me on this journey towards excellence. ❤️

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Arabella Eloise Sveinsdóttir, a.k.a. Arabella Elric from Reykjavík is a visual artist, actress, writer, model, content creator, voice actress, and vlogger of Íslendingar-Mongolian heritage and Filipino nationality. She is an active volunteer for different organizations and humanitarian groups, animal rights activist, and an advocate for mental health.

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