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BLACK DESERT ONLINE Endless Winter Mountain

 BLACK DESERT ONLINE Endless Winter Mountain  ❄ 

'The Mountain of Endless Winter' has appeared in the Black Desert World.  You can view some of my main quest recorded video here: Mountain of Endless Winter Preview 

A new storyline and main quest have been added along with the Endless Winter Mountain. In this main quest, various directing effects have been added along with full dubbing of NPCs, so it is expected that it will be a more visually enjoyable experience. We have tried our best to break free from the conventional R battering, so I hope that all adventurers will have a pleasant experience.

And you can enjoy this main quest right away even if you create a character (Lv 1). Existing adventurers (characters that have already been created) have created a structure that allows them to proceed with the main quest of Endless Winter at any time without any major prerequisites. ※

 However, since the story of the Mountain of Endless Winter is connected after Sikarakia, adventurers who have not completed the main quest for Sikarakia should be aware of the previous story in advance. If you want to fully enjoy the story, we recommend that you proceed after completing the main quest for Sikarakia. Regardless of the existing story spoilers, if you want to enjoy the new endless winter mountain, you can run directly to the winter mountain.

● When creating a new character, you can select an area to start your adventure in the Mountain of Endless Winter or the Stone Chamber of the Ancients.

- If you click the character creation complete button in the character creation window, a UI for selecting an area to start the adventure is exposed. ● The main quest '[Winter Mountain] In Search of the Sacred Flame' has been added, where you can start your adventure in the endless mountain region of winter. - This main quest can be accepted through Black Spirit when the following conditions are met.

new adventurer = You can proceed by selecting 'Mountain of Endless Winter' when creating a character (Lv 1)

old adventurer = 

1) Level 56 or higher, Atoraxion: Adventurers who have completed the main quest of Sikarakia can proceed through Black Spirit (/)

2) Level 56 or higher, Atoraxion: Adventurers who have not completed the main quest of Sikarakia Those who receive the 'Journey's Beginning: Rising Memory' order through the Black Spirit (/) - This quest

is linked to the main quest in the 'Mountain of Endless Winter' area.

※ In the case of a quest that plays a directing video during the main quest, since the conversation with the NPC proceeds without boarding the vehicle, it can be played without the vehicle being mounted.

 - If the directing video is not played, you can proceed with the quest by moving to the current location through the quest widget or the quest window (O) window without boarding the vehicle.

※ During the main quest, when you reach level 49, you can only reach level 50 by summoning a black spirit (/) and completing the quest [To Level 50!] Beyond Your Limits. (Additional)

- This quest can be completed using the 'Clear Memory Piece' item in the Bag (I).

※ Adventurers who have completed the main quest '[Winter Mountain] Beyond Arjeli's Gate' will receive additional experience items through a letter (B) to help them in their future adventures.

 - After completing the '[Winter Mountain] Beyond Arjeli's Gate' quest, you can receive the '[Media Tour] Leaving Winter Mountain' quest through Black Spirit (/).

※ If the '[Winter Mountain] main quest is in progress, it may not be possible to proceed with some quests in other areas. (Additional)








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