Saturday, July 9, 2022

BLACK DESERT ONLINE Witch Bloody Dress Costume

BLACK DESERT ONLINE Witch Bloody Dress Costume 

BLACK DESERT ONLINE Witch Bloody Dress Costume portrait

Extra screenshots


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Saturday, July 2, 2022



Original Character Artwork

[This page is still WIP. We will enter the METAVERSE soon!]

Have you heard of Arabella Elric, guys? She is the Philippines' first virtual influencer, created by the same artists from the webtoon. 

And I must say, she is gorgeous. She made her runway debut in the "Metaverse" fashion line on VR mobile and PC games! She usually hosts worlds on the Metaverse and is very interactive within the community and Web 3.0

Her name, Arabella, means an answered prayer from God, which is why we all feel lucky when we are with her! Her Instagram page is truly great; there are photographs of her wearing some seriously chic outfits and living her best life that would grace any magazine and brand.

Do you know that she is also a designer of virtual clothing on the Metaverse? Pretty cool, right?!

To know more about her, you can check her cute story-rich videos and webtoon!

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