Friday, March 18, 2022

BLACK DESERT ONLINE [Event] Share Your Black Desert Stories

Hello, here is my entry for the [Event] Share Your Black Desert Stories on Black Desert Online.

I made a few films as therapy in the last few weeks because I didn't have time to write a blog because of school, training, and business, so here they are:

I also tried some Lost Ark and got to 50 in a week. Will share my completed original character, but I've decided to delay it because I'm still looking for a decent 3d / rigger artist who fits my style to bring my OC to life. I had previously hired someone for rigging, but things didn't go as planned, therefore I'm on the lookout for a new artist.

I already have the full body, back and front PNG's but the search is hard since I am also juggling my school and family business. If you guys got any recommendations for a VR avatar artist please let me know via

I will appreciate the 3D artist recommendations!

For those of you who are requesting that I remove my MAPS alert post, I will not do so. I'd like to raise awareness among all minors about the importance of being careful and cautious.

Thank you for visiting 🌹 Arabella Elric Ⓒ 🌹 group! This is a post archive. For inquiries and other concerns, feel free to send us an email. Have a nice day!~ ❤️

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