Monday, December 19, 2022


The holidays are here and there's nothing like a collection of fan art to brighten up your day. I made a few holiday-themed fan art before 2022 ends. 

I am a Black Desert Online Fan Artist. I started drawing in late 2016, and it has been my passion ever since. I have been working on Black Desert artworks for years now, and it has taken me to places I never thought I would be able to go.

I don’t usually post personal fanart because I tend to get more requests for commissions than I can handle. But for this blog post, I decided to share some of my favorite recent pieces.

I've been drawing since late 2016, and it's been one of my biggest passions ever since. I started out doing fan art for games like Dota2, RO, and Black Desert Online.

I also do commissions! Feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to commission something from me!

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