Friday, March 17, 2023

BLACK DESERT ONLINE [All classes] The story of the majestically shining 'Taebaek' costume

 [All classes] Taebaek
"Look like sunlight and moonlight along the winding mountain range."

The warm spring breeze that blows after a long winter


When all rivers and mountains are gently awakened and fragrant flowers bloom, the people of this country,
ruled by a benevolent king and ministers who are equally well versed in literature and martial arts, must be very happy.

When you wait for the king's procession from morning,
a joyful song naturally comes out in your excitement.


 Following the winding mountains

You look at me like the sun, like the moonlight

Even the beasts that breathed life,

The mischievous goblins,

It runs beyond the five mountain peaks~ "



At that time, "Please return the king~!"
Daechwita's intense melody followed by a loud cry

When the majestic sound of the gong and the lightly extending Taepyeongso open the way,
the king appears, smiling as brightly as the royal robe shining like the sun!
Beside it, ministers in official uniforms embroidered with the sun, moon and five peaks guard it,
smiling elegantly at the rejoicing people.

What a majestic spring morning!


coming soonclass name
March 22, 2023 (Wednesday)all classes
※ Note
- We ask for your understanding that the order of the released clothing classes may change slightly in the process of preparing hard to show them to adventurers, and we will
provide additional information through the corresponding notice in case of any change.
In the future, we will do our best to repay the affection and interest sent to the upcoming costumes. thank you

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