Wednesday, September 20, 2023

New Hairstyle Unlocked for the Tamer Class in Black Desert Online - Don't Miss Out!

Black Desert Online has recently released a new hairstyle for the Tamer class. The hairstyle will make your Tamer look even more stunning.

🩰 Visual & Performing Artist 🟡🇲🇳🇮🇸

🟡 Arabella Elric is a solo camper who is living alone with her dogs and cats. She always finds time to explore delicious meals along the way.

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Arabella Elric (born September 9, 2004) is a visual artist, actress, writer, model, content creator, voice actress, and vlogger of Íslendingar-Mongolian heritage and Filipino nationality. She is an active volunteer for different organizations, and humanitarian groups and an advocate for mental health.

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