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BLACK DESERT ONLINE Memento Mori Costume Outfit

🌟 **Memento Mori Outfit:** My witch in Black Desert Online wears the enchanting Memento Mori outfit. 🌙🔮🔥

It is a little too  revealing and let's face it, this is inspired by Catholic nuns. I do not  really like the  breast part open cleavage fabric but I managed to make it a  little modest  and now it looks enclosed at least on the top part. 

I actually like it and if there is a chance of improvement I would like to have a longer version of the skirt and an option only to make it shorter. Overall, I am still thinking what would Muslims feel if their hijab  and religious  clothing would turn into costume. That is too insulting, right? Imagine a hijab or niqab with open breast part like what they did  to this  costume?

That would make an uproar but since people lambaste the Catholic  people all the time, this is actually OKAY for the general public. *sarcastic grin*

Since I grew up with nuns and into the faith, I have the right to actually enjoy it. But you know, it  is just a game  so why make a big fuss out of this? Unless  it is  other religions sacred clothing they would be cancelled on X or other social sites. 

So you know, there is really no priest or nun class in game so let's just say, this is an aesthetic outfit that the male gaze likes to throw a few bucks on. Nevertheless, I think they should just really create  a nun or priest class. I know the reason  developers are shying away from religious classes but they cannot resist the aesthetic. 

Well my witch looks gorgeous with this, 
definitely adds up to my lore.

Oh and  bonus, here is an official  post with the open top part of this  outfit which  I managed to change:

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